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We are your car servicing experts on the Gold Coast. When your vehicle is due for a service, you can count on Best Drive Helensvale to deliver high quality services at affordable prices.

A service should be done every 10,000kms or roughly every 6 months and can include things like an oil change, an oil filter change, top up of fluids and a general inspection to ensure your car is in optimal condition and safe for the road. Because that, our qualified Helensvale mechanics will do all the necessary checks and repairs to ensure it remains in good condition but if we do find something major wrong with it, we will contact you before going ahead with the repairs so you aren’t hit with any unexpected costs.



Missing your regular vehicle services can result in more expensive repairs being needed further down the track so staying on top of them can actually save you money in the long run. Said that, we’ve found that often times when engines need to be replaced (a major and costly procedure). However, it could have easily been avoided by simply keeping up with regular services. Both minor and major services are important and at Best Drive Helensvale, we can take care of both with our team of experienced mechanics and our use of the most up to date mechanical equipment and technology.

In between your regular services, it is recommended that you check your oil and water levels yourself at a minimum of once a month. This is another important step to keeping your vehicle running smoothly and without issues.

We believe in clear communication with our customers and always ensure we explain things thoroughly and in plain English. It’s this next level of service that has given us a fantastic reputation throughout the Gold Coast.

If your vehicle is due for its next service, contact your local and trusted mechanics at BestDrive to book yours in today!

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When it comes to their new vehicle log book service, Gold Coast car owners realise that it is perfectly legitimate to have their warranty inspections and service done by an auto service other than the dealership without voiding their new car warranty. As long as the work is done by a qualified mechanic and parts – if any are needed – that are compatible with the make of the vehicle are used, your warranty should remain intact. Saying that, we have the qualified staff needed to do the manufacturers log book service for your car and we will take care to stamp your log book after completing the service. You can have peace of mind that your new vehicle log book service has been done to all the right specifications when you bring your vehicle to us for a car servicing Gold Coast. We pride ourselves on the high standard of work that we do for our customers, ensuring that their pride and joy is not only safe on the road, but still under that all-important new car warranty. Remember that even though your car is new, it still needs to have those vital checks to ensure everything is working perfectly – and of course, to remain under warranty. Book with us today.
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